Notice / 住宿須知

  1. Check in / 住宿前

      ■ Check in:

         16 : 00~20 : 00

      ■ Check-in time:

         20:00 after the need to add 150 yuan / hour less than 1 hour to 1 hour

      ■ Deposit:A proof of deposit and a deposit of $ 1000 upon check-in. Upon check-out。

  2. During the stay / 住宿中

      1. B&B is located in the downtown area, police station from time to time patrol sign,Please feel at ease. 。

      2. Prohibit drug abuse, gambling, bullying, illegal all matters,If the law will be handled by law。

      3. Forbidden pets, forbidden visitors ,No PETS。

      4. Do not wake up after 10:30 pm 。

      5. Please bring your passport for easy registration (need to be at least 18 years old)。。

      6. If the increase in the number of accommodation, income costs 300 yuan if not to inform the increase。

      7. Please check the electrical items and leave when you leave the room 。

      8. Please love the items in the room, if damaged, according to the price compensation 。

      9. We only offer the first day of small towels and simple toothbrushes, slippers, shower gel 。

      10. During the stay clean by the residents to maintain their own, no longer change the bed sheets and towels。

      11. The building is non-smoking, do not smoke in the room,No Smoking。。

  3. Check out / 住宿後

      ■ Check out time:

         11 : 00

      ■ Check-out time:

         TWD $200 / hour, less than 1 hour to 1 hour, 2 hours or more

  4. Cancel booking refund / 取消訂房 退費

      ■ a. Such as booking preferential room type, such as failure to stay for some reason, no refund 。

      ■ b. If you book the original booking, the refund is as follows:

         ※ Cancel one month in advance - full refund

         ※ Cancel by one week in advance - check-out fee 80%

         ※ Cancel three days in advance - check-out fee of 60%

         ※ Three days to inform the cancellation - no refund