Reservation process / 訂房流程

  1. Contact us

      Contact customer service through the following three ways

           0980 668 468




         加入官方line   ID :  0980668468

         加入官方wechat   ID :  mrt0980668468

  2. Booking process

      a. With the customer service after booking the end of the scheduled date, start booking ~!

      b. Customer service will be a briefing to you, SMS has a remittance account related information。

      c. After receiving the newsletter, please complete the remittance within 6 hours.。。

  3. Guest pass (paid newsletter)

      a. Please send back the newsletter to inform the account after the five yards, name, number, check-in。

      b. time, room and other information。

  4. Guest reception (reservation success)

      a.Customer service to determine the receipt of remittances will send you a text message。

      b.This is a successful newsletter and is considered a voucher and proof of payment。